“Ek Bharosa Hai 15 No

90 saalon se achaa hi to parosa hai 15 No”. These are not the rhyming lines but actual word of Dilliwala. 

So last week bored with mall shopping I have decided to do some real or say raw shopping. Although my list was having name of few dryfruits and spices but when I returned it was full of entire kitchen range. So after struggling with traffic and parking I finally reach at khari bawli lane yes Asia biggest market for spices and dry fruits. After few window hopping in most busy market , I have asked about space . Immediately I got reply “wo to aapko 15 no me milega”. I asked sabse achha rice wale from dryfuit shop they say 15 no. Best spices – 15 No. Almost 10 recommendations from different world my curiosity has increased to top. First name then why everyone is talking about this store. Finally I managed to reach . 

My first experience  was woo.. 


People from different states different region ordering various variety of Rice , some are ordering pulses, some are dry fruits and at one store complete solution. People are waiting for their turn. 

When I came across the gentleman he politely ask “Bolo g kya sewa karain, I innocently ask what are the things apart from rice and pulses you have. He gave me small brochure which has 125 products and smiled these only we have. 

When I was ordering my fellow customer suggest” Daal aur inka naya seasonings aaya hai, jarur try karna aapke mall wale yahi se le jate hain. “

I finally got the address of I can say only ” Mall of Khari bawli ” . Surprisingly they have started accepting order online and through social media also. 

I can definitely say it’s not 15 no chawalwala it’s 15 no Taste wala.  Must visit their iconic heritage store and order their product.