About Us

The journey of Shiv Charan Das Spices, owner of 15 No. Chawalwala, started in the year 1938 with a small ration shop under a Public Distribution System (PDS) in Old Delhi. It was the passion and vision of young Shiv Charan Das which led to the creation and development of the story of 15No. Chawalwala. Shiv Charan Das has endured a long journey with both roadblocks and success to reach what it is today.

With our ultra modern plant at our factory in Kundali Industries, we have the capacity to produce and store 250 MT of pulses on a monthly basis. Till date, we have produced more than 1 lakh MT of rice, pulses and spices. Our company is one of the few in India that has experiences all the phases of the grocery industry with a core expertise of quality testing using their very own Research and Development (R&D) Lab. We now offer over 100 products in different categories, all of which are qualified for world quality standard and are being exported to UAE, Canada and Singapore.

Initially beginning with rice trading to build a household name for our company, we are one of the top manufacturers and traders of quality rice in India today. Other than rice, our company also offers pulses, spices, seasonings, dry fruits, flour, besan, suji, and much more.

With the tagline, “There’s Nothing,” we are committed to surpass the expectations of our millions of consumers who believe that there’s nothing like 15 no. Chawalwala.

Our Range of Products

Tasty & Healthy

Rich Source of Protein

It’s Good for your Heart

Good Source of Vitamins & Minerals

High in Antioxidants

Good Source of Energy

Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Healthy Gluten-Free Alternative

Improve Metabolism

Gives Relief From Constipation

Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Good Source of Fibre

Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Improves Body Metabolism

Prevents breast Cancer

Pure, Premium & Exotic Spices

Sourced from the Best Farms  

Helps improve Skin & Hair

Improves Memory & Brain Function

No Added Chemicals & Colors

Pre-Cooked Ready to Use

Authentic Taste

A Flavourful Mix

No Artificial Flavour or Colour

No Preservatives

Premium Quality Dry Fruits

Healthy Munching  

Sourced From the Best Farms

Control Blood Pressure

Improves Hemoglobin

Pre-Cooked Ready to Use

No Artificial Flavor or Color

No Preservatives

Authentic Taste & exquisite flavour

Makes your dishes more delicious

Legacy of our purity

We are coming Closer to you


“Quality of RICE that they serve is simply superb, long grain, amazing aroma, very tasty and fresh. I must say it is best among rest. I am going to grab one more packet soon”